Support for UPVC Pipelines


Support for uPVC Pipelines

Fixed Supports

The purpose of a fixed support is to retain all movement and to provide a fixed point in the installation. The clip or support shall be securely attached to the fittings, located in the clamping groove where provided.

Sliding Supports 

The purpose of a sliding support or clip is to provide a guide without restraint on axial movement of the pipe.

Location of Supports

Refer Table 2 on the Thermal Movement page

uPVC pipe shall be supported at intervals dependent on the maximum temperature likely to be reached by the material.

uPVC Pipes through Walls and Floors

Any pipe or fitting built into a wall or floor shall either be lagged with a suitable flexible material not less than 6mm thick, or pass through a sleeve providing an annular clear space of not less than 6mm, so as to permit the pipe to be sealed in position without restricting axial movement of the pipe.

Table 3. Conversion Factors (Approximate)


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